The Tomblands: I Wouldn’t Like Me Too

There’s been an undeniable rise in surf rock over the past half decade across America, and even with our lack of waves Chicago has been producing its own variations on the genre. Jangly guitars playing saccharine melodies under massive amounts of reverberation has become a trope in Chicago’s rock scene.

That being said, when local 4-piece The Tomblands kick off their 2nd EP I Wouldn’t Like Me Too with the track Feelin’ You it doesn’t feel over done.

The combination of surfy guitar and a Franz Ferndinand-esque melody that recalls all my favorite parts of the early thousands Post-Punk Revival, is an instant success. Clocking in at 2 minutes long the track is a burner but nothing is lost to the brevity of the song. There’s a lot of attitude in the opener.

Track two is a more classic Tomblands song. Somewhere between emo and bedroom pop, Coupe has an emotional honesty that was intentionally and craftily avoided in the first song. But this rawness is a shock after the first song. What this song needs more than anything is a transition into it. For me, when I listen to this EP I am left wanting a longer project. Granted, this wasn’t a full album, hopefully their next project will be.

The third and final track on the EP is Lick The Toad. Imagine Edward Sharpe & the Magentic Zeros meets The Strokes except way less pretentious. There’s some really beautiful instrumentation on this song and a slow breakdown that reminds me of Native Americas. This is the longest song on the project and it should be.

Overall this is a huge step in the right direction for The Tomblands and I’m already looking forward to hearing them grow even further once they put out a full album.



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